BatchMaster's Global Technical Support team works with on-plan customers through Support Tickets. The following applies to Application Support, as well as Cloud Support for our hosted customers.

Only your company's Designated Support Contacts (DSCs) are authorized to create Support Tickets through the Support Portal or to be the main contact on a Support Ticket.

How do I create a new ticket?

There are two ways to start the Support Ticket process: 

  1. Online through our Support Portal (this is the fastest!)
  2. By phone

Emailing the support portal, account managers, management, application or cloud team members, or other email addresses will not create a ticket and hinders our ability to help you as fast as possible.

How do I create at ticket online in the portal?

  • If you are a DSC, when you select the New Support Ticket link, you'll see the new ticket form and can submit your request for help. 
    • Include screenshots, error messages, and related information to help the team assign your ticket to the best agent and start work quickly.
    • Use the people icon to cc: others in your company, such as end users, who should be involved with this ticket
  • If you are not a DSC, you'll see a message with two options: (a) contact your company's DSCs so one of them can create the ticket, or (b) call Support for help. 
If you are not a DSC but believe you should be, contact your company's Primary DSC and ask for a login. Your Primary DSC can enter a ticket asking for the change, and the Support team will them with next steps.

How do I create a ticket by phone?

To contact Support by phone, call (949) 835-3705 and select 1 for Application Support (if issue is software-related) or 2 for Cloud Support (if issue is hosting-related).

If a team member is available to answer right away, they will assist as follows:

  • If you are a DSC, a ticket will be created under your name.
  • If you are not a DSC, a ticket will be created under your company's Primary DSC, but you will be cc:d and the assisting team member will ask the Primary DSC through the ticket for permission to help you.

If your call goes to voicemail, please leave your name, phone number, and details of your issue. The team member monitoring voicemail will create a ticket as described above in this section.

How do I get help on an existing ticket?

For help from the assigned agent, please reply to the related ticket email or add a public note to the ticket in the Support Portal. You also may call following the process under How do I crate a ticket by phone, but please provide your existing Ticket ID to the team member or in voice mail.

For help from Support or Service management, please review the options in our How to reach Support and Service Management solution.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call Support at (949) 835-3705