During January 2021, we will start managing all Service Requests (SRs) in our support ticket system and Support Portal.  Once live, portal users will be able to view, update, and export SR tickets as follows:

If you are a Designated Support Contacts (DSC), you can:

  • Create tickets online
  • View, update, and export all Support and SR Tickets under your name
  • If you have access to all of your company's tickets, you can view, update, and export ALL support and SR tickets.

If you are a Service Request Contact (SRC) who works with us only on Service Requests, you can:

  • View, update, and export all Support and SR Tickets under your name

Launch Plan

By Jan 18 we expect to begin creating new SRs and entering open SRs in our Support Portal System. Here's what to expect:

  1. If you are a primary contact on Service Requests but not a Support Portal user, you will receive an emailed invitation with login information before Jan 18.
  2. Email communication will take place through the ticket and be visible to the primary contact on the SR as well as any of your company's DSCs who have access to all tickets.
  3. SRs will use the same numbering system as support tickets but the subject will begin with "SR for ". Also, when looking at a specific ticket online or if you export, you can see the Type is Service Request.
  4. Open SRs created before launch will have their old SR number in the subject for reference. 
  5. If you are the primary contact on an SR, you will receive an email notification when it is added. For open SRs, we'll attach a copy of the last email and thread for your reference.

If you have any questions about the launch, please contact your speak with your SR consultant or email mlewis@batchmaster.com.