As a Channel Partner, your partner program terms may allow you to create support tickets with us: 

  • related to a specific customer, or
  • for your own internal needs

Tickets may be created by your Designated Support Contacts (DSCs) through the Support Portal or by phone.

Though customers have a limited number of DSCs, our channel partners currently do not.

You should have one Primary DSC who can request:

  • additional DSCs
  • if a DSC is allowed to see all of the Channel Partner tickets or their own (the default)

How do I sign up for the Support Portal?

If your company DOES NOT have any DSCs registered with us, please send a list of employees who are allowed to create tickets with us, including at a minimum:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Time Zone
  • If the DSC can see only their own tickets or is authorized to see all tickets linked to the Channel Partner account
  • Which DSC is the Primary
  • Which customer companies to link to this DSC so tickets can be entered under the customer company

If your company DOES have DSCs registered with us, please ask your company's Primary DSC to create a ticket with the above information in it.

Once we set up your DSCs, we send an email with portal account activation instructions. Follow the instructions and DSCs will have portal access.

If you have not received your activation emails and do not see them in your spam/junk folder, or you have problems accessing the portal, please contact for assistance.

How do I create tickets?

Tickets are associated with the email address you use to log into the Support Portal. When you log in with that email address, the tickets you create can be seen by you and by any users associated with that company account if they have "all ticket" visibility. If you have "all ticket" visibility, you can see all tickets under that account, as well. Otherwise you see only those you create.

To create a ticket:

  1. Select New Support Ticket from any Support Portal page.
  2. Select the related company:
    • If it is related to a customer and you want them to see it, select the customer company (See Customer-Related Tickets below for more info). Please note that the related company cannot be changed once submitted.
    • If it is not related to a customer or it is but you do not want them to see it, select your Channel Partner company
  3. After you submit the ticket it will display with additional information. There you can add others to the ticket conversation if you want them involved:

Customer-Related Tickets

As a Channel Partner, when you create a ticket online, you select the related company before submitting the ticket.  If you select a customer company, the ticket will be created under your name, but their company account. This cannot be changed once submitted.

Need to see all of your customer's tickets? If you select a customer company, by default you will see the tickets you create but not tickets the customer creates. If you need to see the tickets a customer creates, ask the customer's Primary DSC to enter a ticket under their company asking us to grant you full access. 

If a customer is missing from the company list when submitting or viewing tickets, please enter a ticket under your Channel Partner account requesting we add the customer. After verifying, we will add it.

How do I see the tickets my customers enter?

In the Support Portal under Check Ticket Status, you can see tickets your customer creates if:

  1. You are a DSC for your channel partner company, and
  2. The customer has provided us authorization for you to see the tickets they created

If you believe the criteria is met, but you still cannot see their tickets, please contact us by entering a ticket under your Channel Partner account and we will investigate.

How does a customer see the tickets I create?

In the Support Portal under Check Ticket Status, a customer's DSC can see tickets you create if:

  1. You selected their company when creating the ticket, 
  2. The customer contact is a DSC for their company, and
  3. The customer contact is set up to see all of their company's tickets, not just their own 

Export and Share. If you log into your Channel Partner account to create tickets, you can export tickets to a csv or Excel file to review or share with others.

Also, if you log into your Channel Partner account to create tickets, you can export tickets to a csv or Excel file and send them those you want them to see.

Because each company's tickets are confidential, BatchMaster Support does not export and share customer tickets with Channel Partners or Channel Partner tickets with customers. Please request ticket lists from each other if needed.

For more information about DSCs and the Support Portal, please read these articles:

Support Portal FAQs

Designated Support Contact (DSC) FAQs

If you need more information or help, please email for assistance.