The following are frequently-asked questions about Designated Support Contacts.



What is a Designated Support Contact?

Designated Support Contacts (DSC) are the only customer and partner contacts authorized to open tickets with BatchMaster Support through Support Portal or by calling Support.

There are two types of DSCs: Primary and Other. As either type of DSC, you have been authorized by your company to:

  • Log into the support portal
  • Create, view, and update the tickets through the support portal
  • Create or discuss tickets by phone
  • Participate in troubleshooting sessions
  • Coordinate troubleshooting sessions with your users, if necessary

The Primary DSC (usually an Admin) also may: 

  • Authorize and approve BatchMaster support consultants’ system viewing and access during support activities (within the scope of your support plan)
  • Submit tickets to request or approve changes to the approved DSC list, including:
    • who the DSCs should be, and
    • if DSCs have access to all of the company’s tickets or only their own

How many DSCs can my company have?

Most customers have a maximum of two (2) DSCs per their license or support plan contracts.

What do I do if I need more DSCs than my maximum?

If your company has a need for more than your contracted amount, please contact your BatchMaster Account Manager (AM) to discuss options. 

How do I add or change who my company's DSCs are?

Only the Primary DSC can request new DSCs or change who DSCs are for your company.

To request a new DSC or change your DSC list, the Primary DSC should:

  1. Create a ticket requesting the change(s)
  2. If asking for a new DSC, provide the following:
    • First and Last Name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Whether this DSC should be the new Primary or not
    • Whether this DSC should have access to all of your company's tickets or only their own

Your ticket will be assigned and reviewed. 

  • If you have available seats, the change will be made and you will be notified through the ticket.
  • If you do not have available seats, the agent will ask if you want to 
    • reassign an existing seat, or
    • ask you to contact your account manager to discuss options for increasing your maximum (once the Account Manager approves the limit change, your new DSCs will be added.

What if I need Support to work with a user or other non-DSC?

Support can work directly with users and other non-DSCs if a DSC cc:s them on the ticket and gives Support approval to work directly with them. The ticket must remain in the DSC's name.

Can a non-DSC create a ticket if a DSC is not available? 

Non-DSCs cannot create tickets in the portal. If they call Support, Support will create a ticket under the DSC name and cc: the non-DSC. For more information, see How do I contact BatchMaster Support for help?


Have questions? Email or contact your Account Manager.