The following are frequently-asked questions about the Support Portal.


What is the Support Portal?

Launched in June 2020, Phase I of the BatchMaster Software Support Portal (AKA Helpdesk Portal) allows our customer and partner Designated Support Contacts to:

  • Create, view, and update support tickets online
  • Export tickets at their convenience
  • Search and view knowledge articles about support and the portal

Later in 2020, Phase II will expand our self-service offering to include product-related knowledge articles, as well as portal and support experience enhancements.

Who has access?

To access the portal, you must be a Designated Support Contact (DSC) for a customer or channel partner with an active support plan. Each eligible customer provides us its list of DSCs - the only customer contacts authorized to create and view tickets. During our June launch, our support team is notifying DSCs in batches, and sending activation emails with instructions for setting a password and logging into the portal.  Learn more about DSCs here.

What if I'm expecting an activation email but haven't received it?

If we have told you to expect an activation email, but you haven't received it, please check your spam / quarantine folders for an email with the domain or

If you still don't see it, please:

  1. whitelist the domains
  2. contact us at

If your company is eligible to access the portal, and we have not contacted your company by June 24, 2020, you may contact us at to learn your company’s status.

What is the difference between the Support Portal and the Customer Portal?

Customer Portal

The BatchMaster Portal, AKA Customer Portal, at, is still the primary source of BatchMaster announcements, documentation, knowledge articles, training, and other resources for our customers and partners. Customers manage their own portal users.

Support Portal

The Support Portal, at, does not replace the Customer Portal. Instead it provides our customers and partners with additional self-service features, such as support ticket entry, visibility, and management features. Access is managed by the BatchMaster Support Team based on who each customer or partner names as Designated Support Contacts. With Phase II later in 2020, we launch a new approach to knowledge management, including more product-focused articles.

Single sign-on is not yet available. Users of both Portals will log into them separately.

What can I do in the Support Portal?

If you are a DSC you can access support and portal-related articles from any page. You also can create, view, and update support tickets. 

The ticket feature allows you to format text, attach files (up to 20MB per reply/note), add inline screen shots and other images, see the current status and summary, and cc: / bcc: others in your organization who should be kept in the loop.

Note: Tickets managed in the Support Portal are only those handled by the BatchMaster Support Team as part of your ASM or partner support plan. Tickets, cases, and Service Requests related to implementations, upgrades, customizations, and other activities covered by Statements of Work (SOWs) are handled directly through Professional Services or Customer Services Group channels.

To learn how to use the Support Portal, please watch the Helpdesk Portal 2020 video.

Do I still have email support?

On July 1, 2020, email ticket creation will be discontinued. Requests for assistance will be submitted by DSCs through the Support Portal or phone only. 

However, as a DSC you can communicate with us by replying to the emails you receive from our ticketing system or by updating the ticket online. Emails, including inline image and attachments (up to 20MB), will automatically update your ticket within a few minutes.

You also may cc: or bcc: others in your replies to us – a good idea if you need us to work directly with others to troubleshoot an issue. 

Never add an email alias / distribution group to the thread. If one of the members replies, that reply will create a new ticket, not update your existing ticket.

If your company has not submitted a DSC list to your BatchMaster Account Manager, please contact your Account Manager to ensure you have portal access by June 30, 2020

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